The Displaced Corner - La Esquina Desplazada

The Displaced Corner is a symbolism of an action which as a movement, whethervoluntary or provoked, obliged in this case, displaces, creates, generates another collateral movement, frontal. Body and Mass present.
Human drama.

Each social act, as poetic as it may be, takes with it its own inscribed drama. Each one carries deeply within its own history, its story as we would commonly say.

The Displaced Corner is a point thrust into reality. Penetrated and immersed within its own Space-Reality.
The Displaced Corner is a point of entry in its own dimension.
An action displaced by another action created forcibly or voluntarily, brings with it a retro-action, made to generate the next one.
A chain of realities linked together. It is essential to note that this action in turn will always be interconnected with other similar typical actions or worse to The Displaced Corner, that it cannot be separated from its social environs.

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La Esquina Desplazada - Carlos Jaramillo - Photo: Carlos Mario Lema